good luck with the bathroom............

I am hoping that these pictures can give you any idea how BIG my husband is.......he is 6 ft 5in tall and weighs over 280 pounds!! yup he is a big boy!! and he makes a BIG mess!!!

just before we got married his 2 sisters said to me........ good luck with the bathroom...... not having any brothers myself, ( I have 3 older sisters), and never lived with a male besides my dad, I had NO idea what they were talking about!

I do now!!! Jason takes his clothes off in one pull, you know the kind that leaves his underwear still attached and the whole thing inside out!! right down to the socks! and he just leaves them wherever he happens to get undressed, which could be anywhere........... the hall way..... the bathroom....wherever!

He also washes his face with his hands, and although I am thrilled that he washes!! I wish he would use a cloth like normal people..........but no he does it the "old fashion" way he says. He stoops over the sink and cups his hands under the running water and splashes it up on his face. With water dripping everywhere and a nice size puddle on the counter he turns with his face dripping in search of a dry... hopefully soft.. object to dry his face on. This is his daily routine!!

Today my 5 year old got a good lesson on why we put a towel on the counter before we lean on it in the bathroom. She got soaked, we all have more than once! she was in her uniform so I tried to dry it the best I could with my hair dryer and explained to her that men just make messes and water messes are no exception, just tricky because you don't see them as clearly!!

I love him dearly but the messes............. well I guess that is just part of the overall package!! He thought it was hilarious in the car driving home on Christmas day with the girls conversation, it went something like this.

Faith " I want to sleep in Lem's (Emily) bed"

Emily "Faith, you have to be a big girl now and sleep in your own bed"

Hailey "well how come mom and dad sleep together, they are a little girl and a little boy then? oh well whatever" (she says, whatever, alot!)

Emily "they have to sleep in the same bed because they are married"

Hailey " whatever"

Emily " I don't want to get married"

me " why"

Emily " because dad's fart all the time"

yup their reality, men make water messes in the bathroom (and whisker and toothpaste and ya toilet mishaps! remember my man is TALL, gross I know but true nonetheless), and they fart alot!! and we still are attracted to them!! go figure!


Suz said…
Wow he is a big guy & I thought my ex was big at 6'2 and 250. Wow on the size of that fish also. My hubby loves to fish.

I think most men are slobs when it comes to the bathroom and I so hate the whole take off your clothes all at once and leave them that way thing. My hubby is getting better at not doing that.

Hugs Suz
Vicky said…
Hey LaLa! I just read through your blog and you're off to a great start! Your family is lovely.

Thanks for the comment on my blog and thanks for reading...I'll add you to my sidebar and daily read...cause I never really do anything at work, but read blogs...shhh, don't tell my boss...he thinks my typing over here is work related.

We're located about an hour out of Vancouver Poco...well, I guess it's an hour if you consider the traffic around here!
Rude Cactus said…
Hey, men have some good qualities too! ;-)
Lala's world said…
yes men do have good qualities too!! and I appreciate my man for all the things he does do right!! and for being a great dad and a good husband and a good provider!! I am thankful, I can't imgaine what my life would be like if I had married my oldest daughters sperm-doner!!
JeepGirl said…
I love it ! Way to bring out the details of how a bathroom looks after a man gets done with it. I only know of one guy (my brother in law) that would pick up after himself. He's odd tho! I think my sister wears the pants in that marriage. Lucky her -

I've got 3 little boys to add to the bathroom mess. Wooo is me.
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