the four meme's...

hey I can't be the only one not to do this!!! and I am too tired to really blog about anything else!!

Four job's I've had
1. accounting then promoted to controller for a property management company.
2. accounting assistant at tax office
3. mail room girl at nail/steel factory
4. waitress at Moxy's

Four movies I could watch over and over
1. Moulin Rouge
2. Beaches
3. Pirates of the Caribbean
4. Count of Monte Cristo

Four places I've lived
1. Langley BC
2. White Rock BC
3. North Vancouver BC
4. Kenya, Africa - 6 months

Four tv show's I love
1. the office - funniest half hour on tv
2. Boston Legal - funniest hour on tv
3. Extreme Makeover - House Edition - J and I cry almost every time!!
4. ER - faithful viewers since the show began what 12 or 13 years ago

have to list them all since there are not too many!!
Desperate Housewives
Grey's Anatomy
sometimes Hockey - especially for the play offs go Canucks go
the Apprentice - Donald Trump... not Martha crap

k think that is all my favorites... hehehe

Four places I have been on vacation
1. Belgium - to see my friend I met in Africa get married
2. Ireland - for 3 weeks
3. all over the USA - I have been to more States then Provinces
4. London - for one full day of crazy sight seeing with a girl that lives there, that used to live with us years before, this was on our way home from Ireland

Four favorite foods
1. Japanese - all you can eat baby!!
2. Vietnamese - salad rolls, the ones in the rice paper with peanut sauce
3. Pizza - pepperoni extra mushrooms
4. Chinese Food- egg foo yung

Four Places I'd rather be
1. anywhere hot
2. somewhere with blue blue water
3. somewhere with a cute cabana boy
4. somewhere with little umbrella's in the drinks!!!

Four CD's I've listened to lately
1. Kelly Clarkson - with all 4 of my girls singing their hearts out...too cute
2. Stevie Ray Vahn - this is my husbands favorite and listens to it 24/7 right now
3. Country mix - actually the karaoke cd the kids have been playing it over and over and now my 11 year old is going to sing Wide Open Spaces at her schools talent show next month.
4. Casting Crowns - this is a Christian contemporary group that I really like

Last Four Vehicles I have owned
1. 97 Pontiac Transport
2. 95 Astro poo colored mini van
3. 1973 4 door oldsmobile 98 - you know the ones where a semi could hit you and you wouldn't feel it!!! like seriously that thing was a tank! and a pig on gas, but I felt REAL safe, had to park at the back of parking lots cuz the doors were so heavy that the kids would open them and total the car beside me! try to put your kids in their carseats in the back of that thing!!!
4. 95 cavalier


momyblogR said…
OK. I cry at EVERY episode of the Extreme Make over show.

And, if you get to one of the four places you'd rather be....would you please stop and get ME! lol.

Great list!
mommyof4 said…
My hubby loves Stevey ray too!He got me hooked on him before I met my Hubby I never even heard of him!
Renee said…
Minde loves Stevie Ray too. Must be a trend here. I like him myself.
Nothing like a poo-colored vehicle!
Suz said…
Great list! I would so like to go to Africa one day. Love most of those TV shows.

I own a '97 Ponitac Transport now :/

Hugs Suz
JeepGirl said…
Man, you've done some awesome traveling. Wow, I'm jealous.

I'm with you on the Cabana boys!! Bring 'em on with fruity drinks with umbrellas.

I always cry when Ty is on TV.
cara said…
hey...your top 4 TV shows are mine too. we are just getting caught up with this season's boston legal's and extremely hot Ty. we're already caught up on the office and ER. now i hate waiting for new episodes. i am so happy that Abby is going to keep Luka's baby! wow, how soap opera sad did that sound? ok, i'm going to go now before i look even more like a TV obsessed freak.
Lala's world said…
hey cara... I know me 2, I am so happy about Abby and Luka together!! the show kind of slagged there for awhile but this last season has gotten really exciting again, I was bummed that last night was a re-run!! and I know night time soap opera or what!!
speaking of soap opera's, I watched Days of Our Lives for a very very long time, like 12 years old - 1 year ago. I had to stop watching it, cuz well many reasons...... sometimes I flick it on to just quickly see what is happening, not much changes in a year!!! I don't watch day time TV hardly at all, too busy picking up kids then getting dinner going and we don't have a tv upstairs where the kitchen is... so....
cara said…
hey...just a quick note to say thanks for telling me that this week's ep. of ER is a re-run. now i won't download it.
and i totally used to watch Days too. i have found that as i've gotten older, i just don't have the patience for the lameness of it anymore.
but i am totally getting caught up on grey's anatomy and loving it!
Lisa said…
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