Faith's observation of my ultrasound appointment

ok so she is only 3 1/2 a BIG 3 1/2 but still.............. I was expecting complete craziness today, thinking to myself that I really am a sucker for punishment for taking such a small person to an ultrasound appt. with me.

The lady took me to another waiting room and said " you don't have anyone with you to watch her?"............ya I know what she was thinking, you crazy lady you going to take your little girl in with you, what do you think is??? public daycare??.........."no, I couldn't get anyone to watch her"...........not that I tried, I kind of forgot about this appt till the last minute!!........ "well, will she able to sit still and quiet?"................ahahahaha ahhhhaaaa falling on the floor rolling with laughter....what do you think??....... "yes of course I replied she will be just fine" I replied in my nicest sweetest mummy voice....... she looks at me like she didn't believe a word of it, "ok then" she said.

So we waited in our little cubicle, with me fighting to urge to spew I had to pee so bad, how did I do that so many times while pregnant? Faith was crawling on the floor, climbing on the bench, opening and closing the curtain........ I was politely smiling at the lady when she would bring yet another person from the first waiting room to the second waiting room....what's up with that?? another blog for another day I suppose....... she smiled and looked nervously at my baby smacking her gum really loudly and asking me "what's this for mama, why he there mama, why his clothes off mama? can I hang my clothes on the hook too mama?"

5 minutes later............. felt like 50 minutes I had to pee so bad.did I mention that already?......... they come to bring me into the private ultrasound room. The lady (new one) showed Faith the chair and again I threatened...I mean bribed..... I mean reminded Faith that good girls get Garfield moomoo's and bad girls don't..... she said yes mama and climbed into the chair. I laid down on the table and got comfortable...NOT.... and Faith only got up once to ask what all the blue gel stuff was on my tummy! when the lady squirted it Faith gave out a loud......"eeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww that's gwoss!!"..... to which the lady chuckled. I started apologizing for Faith being there and the lady looked at me and kindly said " I wouldn't worry about it".......phew ok one less thing to worry about!!

In the end Faith sat on her chair with the exception of the one time to get a closer look at the goo and was fabulous!! I don't know if any of my other children would have ever sat so well??!!

now I guess I have to go find the Garfield moomoo soon!!! cuz she deserved it!


JeepGirl said…
Sounds like she was a very good girl for that age and for that long of a period.
Hope the results of your testing went well.
Suz said…
WTG Faith, she did better then my littleman ever would of. One day I'll have to post about when I had to take him to my gyn appt. What an adventure that was.

Boy do I remember the days of a full bladder before an ultrasound!

Hugs Suz
mommyof4 said…
Alright Faith you proved the kids can go to doctor's appt when mommy can't find a sitter! I hate when that happens! I make all my appt on my hubbys day off so I don't have to take any but there has been times in the past. It just makes me wanna slap somebody when they asked if I could not get someone to watch them! DUUHHH they would not be here if I did!
I hope your testing turns out well I will be praying for you.
Renee said…
What a good girl. I brought the girls to one of my ultrasounds with John M., and they couldn't have been less interested.
Shash said…
I took Q and Em with me to a visit I needed a shot - they both screamed in unison at the nurse and at the whole procedure. Hightlight of my 3rd pregnancy.

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