dumb it down people.......dumb it down

so I guess I have to explain myself here..... well I will try.

I am new to this blogging stuff and I have been spending a LOT of time reading blogs, making comments and even more time thinking of what creative funny comment lover's delight kind of blog I will write that day.......... to my horror I have discovered something about myself during the last couple of weeks.

I don't have a large vocabulary that humans over the age of 11 understand.

sad maybe but oh so true.

I have visited websites that have clever banter, reviews of news articles and such.... and several sites where these supposed "mommybloggers" (not that mommy's are not intelligent people because we are amazing creatures, capable of multi-tasking to the degree that CEO's and Donald Trump wish they could maneuver) use such BIG words that in my life time I don't remember using. Not even before my brain started shrinking with all the pregnancies and hours watching "Dora the explorer" or "high five" or "cailou" (ok is it just me or is Cailou the biggest brat you ever saw?? and his parents give in to it and are so sucky!!!?!?! oops but that's another blog for another day - sorry bunny trail)

you don't know what I mean? you say.... well let me give you a few examples..

ubiquitous - this was used to describe goldfish!!! I didn't even know how to say it aaabiqutous huh??..... I don't think I have ever come across this word before... and people use this word to describe goldfish?..... I would have thought it would be in a sentence to your kids something like this ..." hey kids ubiquitous noise right now or I am going to freak!!!"

predilection - hmmmm stumped again!! no clue what that word means, even in the sentence that it was used.....I feel dumber by the minute.......... I think she was talking about prefrences for certain things?, even my hubby had never heard of these words!

innocuously - once again I can feel my brain trying very hard to recognize this word... but it is not registering!!

now please please if you use these big words I mean no offense at all.

I am merely remarking that they are not part of my or any of my friends, regular English.... and I was starting to wonder..... am I that uneducated?? or are there people out there who really talk like that and actually understand what the words mean????? maybe it's both???

so for now I have to say dumb it down people..... dumb....it....down......


Renee said…

Just skip those parts. That's what I do! ;)
Suz said…
I do the same thing Renee does :-)

Hugs Suz
Vicky said…
That's funny, I was just wishing the other day that I could write like a lot of the "mommybloggers" out there...sigh, it'll never happen. I always sound better in my head than when I type it out.

When you're reading those large words, just say to yourself the same thing my husband snaps at me when I use one in a sentence: "Penalty for unnecessary use of a big word!!"

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