Dentist Nightmares

I went to the dentist today.....apparently there is a lot of this going on check out froggiemom's blog with her latest shark tale.

I don't like going to the dentist, I should take them up on their offer to give me adavan!! they probably talk about me after I leave, why doesn't that stress case take some drugs man????
ya that's me................ a stress case!! I start sweating before I even hit the chair.

When my kids go I try not to show them that mom is freaking out and close to tears!

Today was better though then last time. Last time they gave me the needle and it was too close to the nerve and then I reacted to the EPI (adrenaline) and started going into shock and fainted and everything!! they had to call J from work to come pick me up.......ya all this with my little Faith holding my hand saying " lu sick mama?"..... hopefully I haven't scared her for life!!!

I seem to have bad luck with dentists. When I was pregnant with Faith I had 2 root canals done at the same time. I had an extra nerve in both teeth that they didn't know about and hit!!! my feet came flying off the chair....... I started crying........... it was brutal.... and I was already in a high risk pregnancy so ya...good times.... after all that the drill head goes flying off the drill.. past the rubbber dam and hits me in the back of the throat!!!!!!!!! yup...........luckily I have great gagging reflexes and was able to keep from swallowing it.... the dentist just looked at me and said ........"one in a million.............. and it always happens to you!!" yup bad dentist luck!!

In Sept I went and had the fillings where I ended up in shock and have delayed going back for the last 2 filling replacements! can you blame me???? I finally went in today. I also need a night guard because I clench and grind at night... ya got issues???!!! It was fine but man my nerves. The assitant was coaching me in yoga breathing and patting my shoulder and trying to pry my fingers apart! they were turning purple, then white, then red, then back to purple. At times my ancles were crossed, other times they were bent at the knees and at one point one was sticking up in the air!! I am sure if they ever video taped the room, they would laugh hysterical at this grown woman twisting her lower part of her body all while trying to keep her head perfectly still as to not get drilled in the cheek!!

I find myself apologizing over and over " thoo thoorry ga a baaaa paaagaann"??? they tell me I am doing good, it's almost over, the worst is done..... HA I am not gullable! I know the torture isn't over until that rubber dam covered with slobber comes off!!!

At the end you know you were a bad patient when they remind you that they could give me adavan and it would be much easier on me....well all of us!!!

well that is all the filling replacements for now. I just have to go back next week to get the impressions for the night gaurd... ya blue goopy stuff on a metal plate that barely fits into your mouth while they stand there casually talking and you are doing your best not to gag and puke it up!! vile stuff!!

but alas where would we be without our dentist.... sadly all you have to do to know that answer is look at any 3rd world nations... so thank you my dear dentist, sorry for all the trouble I give!!


Suz said…
As Iam reading your post iam cringing. I have the same feelings about dentist as you do. I do anything I can to advoid the. When I do go I panic most of the time and shut myself off, laying in the chair arms and legs all crossed, scared to death. Them telling me to relax, yea right

I had part of a filling come out the other day and all i can think about is how I dont want to go get it fixed!

hugs Suz
JeepGirl said…
I hate the dentist too. I really need to go right now and I'm delaying as much as I can.

don't envy you at all
mommyof4 said…
That is funny I was at the dentist tueseday to. I had to get two cavities filled. The worst part was when they drill it It went through me so bad I almost jumped out of the chair. Then the dentist tell me to open wide, I open as wide as I can and he ask if thats the widest I can open. Duh!! Havent I been telling you I have pain and tightness in my face and jaw? Did you not send me to a specialist about TMJ? I could have spit at him. But I didnt I judt tried to open As wide as I could.
Lala's world said…
I kept trying to find a happy place!!! even tried the line from Forrest Gump,
"dear God make me a bird so I can far far away"
tried to picture myself sitting on the tree limb with Jenny and Forrest.......... didn't work too good.
Vicky said…
I was supposed to go to my dentist today for a crown prep, but the poor guy got sick and had to incredibly sad, depressing, dejecting...wait, no, I actually yelled YAHOOO into the phone at the receptionist. I managed to keep the wolves at bay until February 9th...whew!

I like your relaxation tecnique and I've decided to use it next time I'm in "the chair". I'll be picturing myself gliding on an ice rink, hand-in-hand with Elvis Stojko...he's looking longingly into my eyes with his own striking brown ones, as he takes me into his embrace for the final spin....oh my god, is it getting hot in here?!!!
momyblogR said…
WOW! No wonder you clench your teeth, just thinking about your next visit, lol!

I think you should just have them all pulled, get dentures and be done with it. Just a thought, LOL!!

Thanks for visitin my blog!!

Nice site, I'll be back to visit.
Renee said…
I really, really hate the dentist. I think I've posted before I'd rather give birth than go to the dentist. I mean it.
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