Bragging Rights

ok ok I haven't really bragged too much about my kids and I think it is time to brag about Morgan since..... well I have been having a hard time with her and she really is a good kid, her age is hard I think mostly.

she is the blonde one in the blue shirt, the other girl is one of her best friends

The first term at Morgan's school, Morgan and 3 of her closest friends decided to have a fund raiser for Hurricane Katrina victims. They had a coin drive, completely organized by themselves, and raised over $1,800 in 2 weeks. Not bad eh?? they presented the cheque to the Red Cross and the school made a bit of a fuss about it. I think that 4 girls in Canada raising money for the Hurricane Katrina victims is inspiring. No border boundaries there!! We are so proud of her for that!!

today Morgan was in a bowling tournament, they were there from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm, whew what a long day!! I went after church, Jason did the morning shift. In the end her mixed team B came in 3rd place receiving a bronze medal. Not bad for this team who were in this tournament for the first time. She was pretty excited and I was proud of her, so were her sisters, they sat with me for the last 3 hours in a over crowded bowling alley.............whinning about being hungry and thirsty and thirsty and hungry..... loooooonnnnng 3 hours for me!! understatement of the century. I think I should get a medal ooppps making it about me again and this is supposed to be about Morgan....

I am very proud of her, she is a great big sister and so responsible and creative and has an amazing imagination still. She is a fantastic little actress and loves to laugh and sing. She can imitate almost any animal and does it so well it is a little freaky!! she does a loon so well and she can do an elk too that fools people. Really..... we have tried it, we have had her hide in bushes and do the call and people start going around to look saying "did you hear that???" what talent eh?!?!?!! I love her and cherish her and I hope that when she finishes growing up that we will continue to be close.

Here's to you Morgan, even though you can't read this because you are grounded from the computer for ohhhhhhhhhhh a long long time!!! I love you!!


mommyof4 said…
She sounds like a great kid. I like how you say you hope you will still be close after she does the growing up... I hope for the same with 12 year old. These are trying times but we will make it through! (fist puch)!
Renee said…
Way to go, Morgan! The people of New Orleans are so lucky to have people like you still thinking about them, when many others have forgotten. Thanks!
Suz said…
Morgan sounds like a wonderful and thoughtful young lady & daughter.

The pre-teen and teen years are definitely the hardest.

Must be the month for no computer, my daughter has lost it also.

Hugs Suz

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