Back in the stirrups again....

I had a doctors appointment today.... fun... I know!! I really love my OB/GYN, he is wonderful to me! he let me have my girls without medication, when other doctors would have been adament.

Let me explain what I mean... I was diagnosed with Lupas Anticoagulant when I was having all the miscarriages. I had Morgan when I was 19 got married at 21 and by the time I was 23 I had had 5 miscarriages. I went for testing at Women's Health Center, in Vancouver and that is where I was diagnosed. The Lupas thingy, makes my blood clot and I was getting clots in the placentas that would just eventually cut off the babies life force. It was a brutal time in our lives. I had to inject myself with Heperin 2x a day in my stomache and take a baby aspirin, I ended up loosing that baby anyways. That was a horrible story (loosing that baby#5) in itself.... I'll save that for another day...possibly.

sorry didn't realize I was going to get into my whole lovely story here........ anyways to make a long story short, sort of, I had Emily and Hailey (15 months apart) and then I lost another baby. I didn't take any meds with my pregnancies with those 3 and so when I found out I was pregnant for the 10th time with Faith (now you know why she is named Faith), I decided to take baby aspirin every day. Faith will be 4 in May!! this is the longest time that I have not been pregnant since I was 19, I am 31 now.

whew if you are still with me I am finally at my current issue!!!

beware any lurking men going to talk about womanly things now!!..... oops I guess I already was.... oh well, ( shrug shoulders )

For almost a year now my monthly cycles have started getting screwed up.... now I am down to a 21 day cycle. yup totally sucks. That is 2x a month!! on top of that I feel myself ovulate and that is more painful usually than pms. So I finally got into my doc today and had to do the lovely, "ok, you get undressed from the bottoms down........lie down on the bed....... and put your feet up in the stirrups". oh and top of that he had a nurse in training.... ya so I got two heads looking at my lovely's, commenting and poking.... niiiiiiiiiiiiice!!! ya.... so... anyways... after all that and telling him what has been going on..... I won't give you all the gory details, the 21 day cycle is bad enough!! he is sending me for an ultrasound, which I figured would of these days I should really add up how many I have had...........probably at least 30!!!
he is also sending me for another blood test to see if I still test positive for Lupas Anticoagulant . If I test positive then they will put me on a progesterone birth control pill, my husband had a vasectomy so I don't need birth control just the hormones!. If I test negative then I can go on a estrogen pill. If I went on the estrogen being positive, it would cause a stroke and be potentially life threatening ~ gee you didn't know you were getting a science lesson did you??!!!

If this all doesn't work then we are going to discuss a possible hysterectomy. I am kind of 50/50 with this. I realize it is a major surgery but I don't want to go through all this for 20+ more years either!! So back I go in 6 weeks to visit my "stirrup" friends, thing 1 and thing 2!! yehaw!!!

so that was my day!! how was yours???!!!


mommyof4 said…
You make going to the gyn sound like a visit with Dr Seuss LoL! I wish!!!! I hope everything turns out alright for you:)
JeepGirl said…
Oh my gosh, I'm sorry that you have to go thru this. I hate those kind of appointments (stirrups) anyhow and have to do it with extra eyes - yuk - Well my prayers are with you. I hope that everything works out. My mom had a hysterectomy due to her bleeding all month and them not being able to stop it. She handled it pretty good and the doc's said the recovery pain is similar to a c-section. (which i had 4 so i know the pain) She is doing well and everyhing healed good. You sound like a strong individual so I think you'll handle it well. I know she's glad she did it.

And to comment on your comment on my site, you go ahead and use the "my house is clean enough..." comment when ever you want.
Best Wishes and I'll be checking on ya.
Suz said…
I dont know if you have noticed on my blog but I have Lupus. Was told I had it at 18. It took them forever to find out what it was, thought i had cancer and so many other things. All 3 of my pregnancies were difficult (bedrest, lots of ultrasounds and so on) and they even tried to talk me into aborting my third for my health reasons, they were afraid I wouldnt make it, but I wouldnt do it and was blessed a 3rd time with littleman.

The kind of Lupus I have goes in & out of remission and attacks my immune system and organs if bad enough.

Anyways I hope and Pray that your doctor can do something for those messed up cycles. I was told resently iam peri-menopausual cause of the Lupus.

Sorry got so long.

Hugs Suz
Lala's world said…
I think us "women" are the tougher of the 2 sexs!! don't you???
we get beat down and just keep going!! yaaaa woman power!!!
Vicky said…
Gaaa! Honey, I'm starting to appreciate my bad day yesterday more and more after reading that! You are a trooper to go through that much and come out so blessed on the other side...go you!

My 14 year old daughter just realized the other day how much of the burdens of life women carry compared to men..."Mom, we have to have the periods and give birth and breast's not fair. When Daddy gets a cold he whines like a baby." All I could say was "welcome to womanhood honey."
Anonymous said…
Interesting site. You sound like a very complicated person. (not in a bad way but in a could I ever fiqure you out way.)

Also all men aren't that bad they just react to things differently than females and don't say as much.

i hope your life gets better.
mommyof4 said…
Like noway! My husband acts like he is dying when he has cough he really dramitizes it. Us women do handle our ailments 95 %better. Can I get a Amen? lol
Lala's world said…

and thanks for you input Anonymous!!! I am complicated!! I actually think most people are..... I am just not shy to share it!!!!
love comments keep them coming!

(I apparently like attention too! hey I am the youngest of 4 girls, with several foster sisters/brothers.... you had to be loud to be heard.... and I like being heard!! ;-)
holli said…
You're obviously very strong and determined to go through all of the pregnancies, injections, etc... but what blessings you ended up with.

I don't know what the answer is on the hysterectomy, that's such a personal decision. All the women in our family have one thing or another going on - but it certainly sounds like it's causing you issues every month. It will get better!!
holli said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
holli said…
okay - my grammar!

I'll try this again.

BTW - I enjoyed reading why your Faith is "Faith"

Neo said…
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