and we're off

my weekend was crazy!!! I did more driving this weekend...... I feel exhausted and like I didn't even get a break. This is a play-by-play of my weekend. FYI.

Friday night had friends over, lots of fun, stayed up until 1 am!!

Sat. morning the fun begins....

8:00 am wake up
9:30 am leave to pick up Emily from MIL's house
10:00 am arrive at MIL
10:15 am head to Old Navy to buy 2 birthday presents for Emily's friends, during which she has melt down in store
10:35 am head to Buck or Two for more presents
11:20 am arrive at home grab 2 more kids and head out for bowling
11:25 am arrive at bowling alley ( my kids are in a league, red necks that whats we are!!)
11:26 am get phone call from Hubby, Faith was left at home and is a wreck she wants me to take her too
11:27 am leave other girls at bowling alley go home and pick up a very red faced Faith (in my defense she wasn't ready to go when we had to leave, she was sitting on the pot naked so.....)
11:30 am take Faith thru McD's to appease her - and I wonder why she is so spoiled???
11:35 am back at bowling alley - thank goodness the alley isn't too far away!!! watch kids bowl till after 1 - Hailey bowled at 96 and a 91!! not bad for a 5 year old!! better than I can do!!
1:05 pm leave bowling alley with kids whinning about being hungry
1:10 pm arrive home and feed them lunch, wrap present, unload and load dishwasher, yell at kids to clean up LR, yell at kids to make beds, and leave for b-party
2:00 pm arrive at Michaels's for party- drop Emily off
2:00-4:00 pm shop in local strip malls, take back last of Christmas presents, buy more clothes, buy new martini glasses, pillow for new exchange student that is coming Feb 4th, and a new potato masher!
4:00 pm pick up Emily
4:30 pm arrive home, Emily starts freaking out because she can't find her new water baby that her grandma bought her, we search the house, decide to go back to the buck or two to see if it is there
4:45 pm arrive at Buck or Two, thankfully yes it is there, someone tried to buy it and they put it in the back,, yes smart people!!
5:00 pm arrive home start making dinner
6:30 pm dinner is over I am crashing on the couch, drinking some soho's and relaxing, YES
12:00 am go to bed have fight with hubby (seems I was a bit annoyed that I did all this running around and he laid on the couch in his gonch watching football and he plans to do the same thing on Sunday - sorry but I really hate football season)


8:00 am wake up continue fight with hubby
9:40 am leave for church continue fight with hubby
12:45 pm arrive home from church, have lunch, continue fight with hubby, attempt to clean house, just read blogs instead!!
2:00 pm leave with Emily for 2nd party, drive by houses for sale
2:45 pm drop her off at party
2:47-4:45 pm drive around entire city looking at houses, go into a open house, pick myself up a cinnomin dolce at Starbucks, go back to pick up Emily
4:45 pm pick up Emily
5:20 pm arrive at home, find out we have no buns for the hamburgers have to go back out AHHHH
5:30 pm arrive at Safeway get groceries with Hailey, stand in line for a VERY long time
6:15 pm arrive home get dinner ready
7:00-8:30 pm do laundry, talk to my sis back east on msn, fold laundry, put kids to bed, try to tidy kitchen (lost cause)
8:30 pm watch last half of extreme makeover house edition - love TY!!!!
9:00 pm switch laundry for rest of evening, watch Desperate Housewives
10:00 pm watch Grey's Anatomy
11:00 pm get ready for bed and fight with hubby until 12:30 am


8:00 am wake up OOOOOPPSSS girls get ready for school without me!!! yikes, more ways to piss hubby off....... think that the fight is possibly not over yet?????
8:30-present am blog blog blog

so there you have it!!! interesting eh??!?!?!
well now it is coffee time and call my niece,. she wants me to help her make her wedding invitations. I made all mine so I guess that makes me the expert?!!! I love doing that kind of thing! and I am happy to be able to help!!

well here's to you having a better weekend than me!!!!

(whew can't believe I have made to 10am without a coffee??!!! what am I thinkin!!!)


JeepGirl said…
That sounds normal, not sure what your complaining about. HAHA- I'm kiddin' - sounds like a weekend that will end you up in the drink-a-lot bin! Must be the husband fault. HA - I feel the same way girl, but you at least got to go to Starbucks. (I'm jealous - mine would have been a no-fat latte with hazelnut tho)
I LOVE TY !! I alway cry during the show and my kids make fun of me crying. (big meanies) And, I'm getting real addicted to Grey's Anatomy too. I didn't get to watch the first season but I think I got caught up on it last week when they did that "last season flashback" thingy. TOO COOL !
My husband got me a smoothie blender with Pina Col. & Strawberry Marg. mix to make in it. We use that a lot to relax at night with a wacko day (weekend) like you had.
Wish you better days.
Vicky said…
What?! Other people's husbands sit around watching football in their pyjamas doing nothing! Mine did the same thing yesterday as I ran around to soccer games, the grocery store and cleaned the house...he was lucky to live through yesterday! I'm praying for Superbowl to get here quick...I need things done around the house!
JeepGirl said…
Replying to your post on my site. Yes my family is big into hunting too. My side and my husbands. Got the dead animals on the wall to prove it.
Suz said…
Wow tired just reading that. Definitely a full weekend.

Watch the same things you do. Addicted to DH & GA. Though iam also a 24 fan and its on Sundays now also, gonna have to do some taping.

Hugs Suz
Lala's world said…
ya did you catch the drinking Soho's part!!!! I am a bit of a martini fan, hence the new glasses, mine keep breaking and no not from over use just a big clumsy husband!!
and I did get to do some shopping! I returned a skirt and a blouse, J bought me for Christmas, I didn't like them which is unusual he is pretty good at picking out clothing for me, and in return I bought 2 skirts,1 sweater and 2 necklaces!! for $6.41 more!! ya I love that kind of shopping!
do you have Reitman's in the States? my fav. store!!! the clothes there actually fit a woman with curves!!

ok speaking of tv too, do any of you watch "the office", it is right after "my name is Earl"... both are funny but the office is hysterical... J and I laugh through the whole thing and there are no annoying laugh tracks playing!! anywoo if you haven't watched it, check it out, it just moved to Thursdays 9:30 PT. We don't watch CSI,,, ooohhh I can almost hear the hissing at the screen!!! let me know what you think!! it has the guy from "40 year old virgin" in it. totally our type of humor anyways babbling here, but hey it's my blog so I get to do what I want to ha!!!
Suz said…
I have seen "My Name Is Earl", I liked it but iam a CSI fan and well of course I watch that.

Hugs Suz
Vicky said…
Just chiming in to say that I do watch The Office. Steve Carell is my favourite! That one last week where he burned his foot in the George Foreman grill still has me giggling almost a week later...don't know how they're going to top that.
Lala's world said…
Steve Carell won the Golden Globe last night for "the office"!!
I know that episode last week was LMAO funny!!!!

did anyone else watch the Golden Globe's???
Vicky said…
Hey LaLa,

Re: your last comment on my blog:

This weather is killing me! My middle daughter, bella, hasn't played a soccer game since the middle of November and I'm in a war with the soccer association to get the kids playing on the gravel fields...they seem to think the kids are made of sugar and will melt. With every passing Sunday I'm having to talk her down from a fullout erruption...she's is soccer crazy and not getting to play is killing her.

Just make it stop already!
You have a great website here, and I'm going to tell all my friends about it.

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