Am I crazy????

ok I love my kids, but shopping with them????? everytime I talk myself into hitting the mall with all 4 of my monsters, I mean darlings, I get about 3 feet into the door when I realize I am crazy!!!
as soon as I entered Sears tonight it was like they split into 4 different directions! I wonder if this is all pre-planned? even my almost 12 year old was behind a pillar holding up ladies skirts to herself in the mirror. My 3 year olds favorite thing to do in the stores is to quickly loose herself in the racks of clothing. (I actually remember doing the same thing when I was a kid. I don't remember my mom freaking out the way I do though.......... really sometimes it feels like I am on the verge.....)
I only had 45 minutes to find ,Morgan, my oldest, some pants for school. They have a dress code for her school and somewhere between Sept and Dec she grew almost 3 inches!!! she has flood pants!! her problem is now that she is at the wonderful puberty age (oh man will I need therapy???), her clothes are starting to get tight in places that regular kids clothes won't stretch over!!!! so.......... off to the young ladies section we go. The added fun part is trying to find navy blue pants that fit her bootie and are short enough for her legs!! well that was fine while chasing the 5 and 3 year old in and around the racks of clothing as well meaning (I hope) ladies smile and nod their heads, "oh my, you have your hands full"............. DUH!!! .....we did manage to find her a pair of petites size 7 ladies navy blue pants and oh gee they were only $39.99!!! oh well what can you do, can't have her going to school in bootie tight and above ankle pants?!?!?!
I actually probably rewarded their bad behaviour by taking them to McDonald's afterwards because it was the closest thing to the mall and my 5 year old was screaming "I have to go pee real real real bad, give me a bush or something" (why she said that about a bush?? I don't know, maybe we did too much camping this summer!!) so I saw the big arches and thought ahhhhhhhh what do I do. So I caved, the big pushover that I am, and took them in so she could pee in a civilized toilet and we could eat and I could let them play for 1/2 hour!
now it is bed time....... great....... my most favorite time of the day!! NOT !!!


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