100 Things About Me

1. My first name is not Lise, it is Laura.
2. No one calls me Laura except when I was in trouble and my doctor and any government office.
3. I don't look like a Laura.
4. I was born in 1974, yup in my 30's...... dang how'd that happen!!
5. I wish I was on broadway.
6. I am serious.
7. I love to sing, ok at it, but not broadway good. hey it's ok to dream.
8. I love musicals.... big surprise eh?!?!
9. I sing in the shower all the time.
10. I got my parents to buy my kids a karaoke machine for Christmas so I can use it!
11. I have been pregnant 10 times in 10 years.
12. I have 6 babies in heaven.
13. I have 4 daughters.
14. I love my kids, they are my world.
15. I have faith in God.
16. I go to church.
17. I am addicted to my computer blogging world.
18. I love getting comments!
19. My husband hates how much time I spend on the computer.
20. I don't care.
21. I got my nose pierced when I turned 30.
22. It fell out and healed over night when we were camping 1 1/2 months later.
23. I didn't get it re-done.
24. I don't know if I want to get it re-done.
25. My husband has tatoos.
26. I think they are sexy.
27. I secretly want one.
28. I am chicken.
29. I think I am afraid of what my dad would say!
30. I have 3 older sisters.
31. I have 6 nephews and 2 neices on my side.
32. I have a great-niece.
33. It really freaks me out that my sister became a grandma at 39 years old!
34. I have 1 nephew and 3 nieces on my in-law side.
35. Growing up we had a cycle of foster sisters/cousins, a foster brother and pretty much anybody who needed a place to stay.
36. I love being from a big family and am glad that I have a big family myself.
37. I love my mom and dad.
38. I don't have any living grandparents.
39. I went to private schools until grade 10 then got to go to the big bad world of public schools.
40. I had a pretty sheltered life.
41. I got pregnant by date-rape when I was 19.
42. My daughter is almost 12.
43. My husband adopted her after we got married.
44. I love my husband.
45. He loves me and he loves my daughter as his own.
46. I love clothes.
47. wow it is amazing how your mind can jump from topic to topic.
48. I own a lot of clothes.
49. I have a lot of shoes.
50. I love shoes.
51. I love jewellery.
52. I love to make jewellery.
53. I don't wear jewellery too often.
54. I am allergic to perfume.
55. I wear it anyways.
56. I like to cook.
57. I hate "having" to cook.
58. I hate cleaning.
59. I love to read.
60. I really love to read.
61. I like to garden.
62. I grow the biggest zucchinni's you've ever seen.
63. I can't grow flowers.
64. I like to can fruit.
65. I like to do scrapbooking.
66. I haven't done it for years.
67. I have boxes and boxes of unsorted photos.
68. I used to sell "creative memories".
69. I used to sell "mary-kay" makeup.
70. I suck at selling things.
71. I hated the last year of high school.
72. I worked at K-Mart in grade 12.
73. I went to Africa the year I graduated for 6 months.
74. I graduated high school in 1991.
75. I would love to go back to Kenya one day.
76. I went to Ireland for 3 weeks in 1992.
77. I went to Belgium for 10 days in 1997.
78. I LOVE to travel.
79. My husband hates to fly.
80. I hope that will change.
81. I want to go to college.
82. I am scared to go back to college.
83. I worked doing accounting for a property management co. for 11 years. It was a stressfull job and I account part of that stress to why I had so many miscarriages.
84. I love humorous people.
85. I love to have a good time.
86. Negative people.....well I just don't like them.
87. I am not a good dancer.
88. I have the gift of the gab and that's an understatement.
89. I love to talk, listen and give feedback.
90. I love to be invited over to people's houses for dinner.
91. We never get invited over to people's houses for dinner.
92. We are big movie buffs.
93. We watch almost all the new realeses.
94. I don't know how to spell new realeses?
95. My favorite actors right now are , Ewen McGregor, Nicole Kidman and Johnny Depp
96. Moulin Rouge is my all time favorite movie
97. My husband is self employed.
98. I hate being self-employed.
99. I can't believe people read all these facts!
100. I am glad that you did!!


mommyof4 said…
moulin rouge hoot hoot!Yeah!
Suz said…
Great list!

God Bless Your Babies In Heaven.

So cool you spent that much time in Africa, I want a tattoo but to chicken to get one, was date raped also in my teens.

Hugs Suz
JeepGirl said…
I have a tatoo - On my back - check out my web site for the picture. It was painful as hell!! I'm glad I did it but man it hurt. Maybe if it wasn't as big or colorful.
If I had to do it all over again, I would!

I love to garden too!We have almost a 2 acre garden on one of the farms. I think we get carried away but its fun and I like that the kids know where that stuff comes from and they do help a bunch.
Lala's world said…
cool jeepgirl, which post shows your tatoo?
my best friend has a tatoo on her back! I love it!!
check her out at Xangelle, her link is on my front page
holli said…
I read it all and this was a great list.. it gave a lot of insight into who you are.

I'm jealous of all your world travels.. but at least someone is seeing the world. I'll just live vicariously through others.

holli said…
Except now I realize I added you as Laura to my sidebar and I don't want you to think you're in trouble.. do you want to be Lise? LOL!!
Lala's world said…
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