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baby uncle

I just cannot get enough of this picture!  I am sooooo thankful these 2 have each other to group up with! 11 months apart... uncle and nephew! I mean COME ON! how fun is that?!?! I love telling people my toddler son is an uncle even today at the chiropractor with Faith the Dr asked if Brahm was hers ... then he quickly said I hope I haven't offended anyone??!! nope that doesn't offend me
I recently took Brahm and Morgan and Alistair to the Vancouver Aquarium ... I have SOOO many childhood memories of that place and Stanley Park it's hard to not be there and have waves of memories wash over me and flood my senses!

It's changed a lot since I was a girl but the smells are the same ... the memories feel fresh as if I was 8 years old running up and down with my childhood friends and memories of my dad calling La get back here! batting my eyes at him so he would buy me something from the gift shop .. he would.. he was extremely generous!
so taking my oldest daughter and her baby and …

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