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2 year marker

Friday marked year 2 of my dad's passing not a day has passed where my heart has not felt the pangs of missing him of feeling something major is missing As time slowly marches on the instant reaction of wanting to call him is fading I don't know if that makes me feel better or more sad
Milestones are hard ... watching Brahm grow and knowing what a kick my dad would have had with him... knowing that Brahm would have adored him... it's hard Brahm's paternal grandfather is 91, lives in California and has dementia so Brahm has never and will not ever know the love of a grandpa... and that makes me terribly sad as well!
it down right sucks

Today I went for my annual checkup and going over the history of my family and knowing this Spring I have to have another colonoscopy as colon/liver cancer ran/runs strong in my dad's side and this all makes me at higher risk I don't want to die the way my dad, his brother and their mother died (and several other cousins/uncles)
I find that…

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